Hello, I'm Rani.

I understand entrepreneurs.

Are you frustrated with the people, results or profits
from your entrepreneurial business?

I help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams solve root problems, lead more effectively,
and gain momentum in their businesses through a simple, proven operating system.

Meet Rani

Rani is a serial business creator, mentor, teacher, guide, author, podcaster, straight-talker and confidante.

Meet EOS

EOS (THE ENTREPRENEURIAL OPERATING SYSTEM®) is a simple, proven business operating system that can help your entrepreneurial organization clarify, simplify, and achieve its vision.

Is This You?

Are you frustrated with the people, results or profits from your entrepreneurial business? entrepreneurial business?

My Happy Clients!

We are 13 years in business and moving to the next level, which was causing some difficulties. After only a few sessions we are seeing multiple benefits. Our productivity has drastically improved. The programme and the content are excellent, and Rani as an implementer is outstanding. She lives and breathes entrepreneurialism. One of her super powers is to listen to everyone's thoughts and opinions and suggest a concise overview of where the business is at. If your business: wants to go up a level, has growing pains, need better communication among staff, a better vision of what you are building, then I highly recommend you have a call with Rani.
Eugene Ryan - May 2021
Money Coach (Ireland)
"Rani has mentored me in expanding my business during the lockdown and I can’t thank her enough for all her support then and since. Rani is extremely professional and really personal at the same time. She’s looking after her clients on every level, giving sound advices, great recommendations and an ear to listen when you need one. I would highly recommend her for anyone in a bit of a jam or considering an expansion.
Anita A Siegl - January 2022
Reflexologist -Online Workshops (Ireland)
"I have had the pleasure of working with Rani as a Business Coach at a time when I was re-thinking my work-focus, at a real cross-roads as to what parts of my work do I leave go, what do I preserve and in what new areas do I grow. Rani is highly personable and a pleasure to worth with, as well as very skilled in business coaching: a double win for me. I recommend Rani without reservation to anyone looking for Business Coaching, you cannot go wrong, in my experience. Thank you Rani, so much and I wish you every success.
Anne Marie Crowley - May 2021
Behavioural Change Coach - (Ireland)